Acoustics for Great Sound, Health and Wellbeing

Hearing is our primary sense – always on and always aware of every sound – the acoustics of your living/working space have a dramatic effect on your wellbeing and health. We work in the residential area – kitchens, living rooms, and home cinema. We work in the commercial environment – conference rooms, open plan offices, restaurants, cafes, and community halls.

Invisible Acoustic Treatment

Internal Acoustic design needs to be done at the design stage for the optimum result. If designed at the outset the cost is minimal, and result decoratively integrated Retrofitting is much harder, but much more common. The result of not considering the acoustics can be unbearable to live with, even if the room “looks” high desirable. Its easy to see how the acoustics are overlooked, the design phase of architecture is a visualisation process, and most architects and clients are not experienced in how a space might sound. Adair Acoustic work with the design team to plan the acoustic impact of the scheme, and design solutions at the outset to provide a comfortable space.

The Complete Room Solution

Adair Acoustics are unusual in their specialisation of smaller room acoustics – here we work on making a listening room / cinema room / club have the sound of the concert hall. This specialisation in creating an awesome sound in a smaller room is the least researched area of acoustics. Adair Acoustics combine their excellence in HiFi with 35 years in high end residential setting to recommend acoustic solutions that actually look great, as well as creating a relaxed and healthy space acoustically. Any room that you want to use for audio can be fully designed by our team – acoustic isolation, internal acoustic performance, audio system to compliment the space and performance level required. We work with a team of architects and interior designers to provide a completely designed performance space. The complete service is very popular for cinema rooms where the acoustic design has to lead the aesthetic choices.

  • Clear Relaxed conversation
  • Multiple noises don’t distract of confuse.
  • Quiet and restoring
  • Hard of hearing find it an oasis of understanding.The tension created by competing noises melt away – eg small children and the radio.
  • Your TV and music sound marvellous.


Chalk and Cheese: Acoustic Isolation and Internal Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Isolation – is soundproofing, stopping sound getting from one room to another. This is completely different to Internal Acoustic Treatment – which is all about getting the room to be a wonderful acoustic space. Counterintuitively a well isolated room will require more attention to the internal acoustics, so its very important to understand the distinction. Internal acoustics of a room change in relation to the room size and shape, so apply techniques from a concert hall to a much smaller living room will not work, and this is why it’s so hard to find a specialist who understand “small room acoustics”. This is our area of special knowledge.