Lighting begins with control. A really effective lighting design will use quite a few circuits to create the dramatic effects, and unlike a theatre, at home you don’t have a lighting engineer to adjust the faders. So that’s where the lighting control system comes in: to act as your automatic lighting engineer. The control systems work really effectively: just press one button to have the room brought to life, just as you intend. At Adair Acoustic, we like to use the top button for the brightest scene, with the lighting becoming more atmospheric as you go down the scenes to the off button. This provides a logic that carries throughout the house. Lighting control is one thing, lighting design is quite another. LED lighting has brought a huge improvement in efficiency, along with options for interesting fittings and lighting in places that could never previously be lit. But there is now a new complexity of drivers, transformers and protocols, as well as issues with the colour quality of LED fittings. Solving this complexity has broadened Adair Acoustic’s reach into the whole world of lighting. We now source the fittings and drivers to ensure a high quality of light, with longevity and compatibility ensured.

“We like to work with your lighting designer, or we can bring aboard one our favourite designers to assist. Lighting is such a key part of the ambience of your home, it deserves detailed attention.” Chris Adair, Director, Adair Acoustic