Home Cinema

As genuine movie film fanatics we understand the joy that a great home cinema installation can bring. As our name suggests, at Adair Acoustic we care as passionately about sound as we do about performance. For a truly cinematic experience you need awesome audio: the sound should not be secondary to the pictures. We ensure that the environment and acoustics in our home cinema installations are fine-tuned to give filmmakers the ideal canvas for their cinematic vision. Of course, to build a truly great high-end dedicated home cinema, a deep knowledge of sound and vision is required. We’ve worked hard over many years to ensure that our eyes and ears work in concert to ensure that our home cinema installations are perfectly balanced for the optimum audio-video performance – assisted by an extensive appreciation of the best sound and vision products currently available. Great home cinema isn’t just all about how much it costs. While some may advise you to spend a fortune on the best projectors, speakers and screens, you will not achieve high-end performance if the environment is not correctly optimised – and that may mean acoustic treatments are also required. Ultimately, with home cinema it’s all about attention to detail. Sound, vision and acoustics all working together to produce the finest possible cinema-at-home experience.

“Films are 50 per cent visual and 50 per cent sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual.” David Lynch, movie director