Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain

A high curated retail environment

This retail concept is a very personal and intimate, with clients all pre-booked and the experience curated specifically for their taste. Everything is hand made, it would be no exaggeration to consider every item to be an art piece. The owners wanted a high quality sound system, that sounded like music, and not just a back ground wash of bland sound like you usually find in shops. Here they wanted a specific effect. The soundtrack, hand curated – uncompressed – full CD quality.

AAD recommended the new on wall speakers from ATC – the HTS7. Although the smallest in the range from ATC they are still individually handmade in Gloucestershire – both the drive units are made in-house by ATC, in the same factory where they manufacture the most highly regarded studio speakers in the world. Dave Gilmore insists on ATC in every studio he builds.

To get such a high resolution speaker to sound good requires every link in the chain before it to be excellent – VDC 2.5mm sq Cable – to parasound amplifiers fed from Lode audio High resolution streamers via Planet Waves instrument cables.

Speakers that look like speakers – and best of all you hear the sound of the music, NOT the sound of the speakers – “see the speakers – hear the music”

AAD installed speakers throughout the building split into 4 distinct areas, so provide the school to control what they play where. Each area has its speaker levels carefully calibrated to work with the rooms size and provide a seamless energy and vibe, giving the building an audible life and conveying the culture of the space.

In the rare case of being invited right to the top, Gracie’s room, you’ll be given a true Hi-Fidelity audio treat from a small selection of 180 Gm pressings hand chosen by [er who ?]

Played on the Linn/McIntosh/Harbeth system – chosen for its timeless dedication to awesome sound.

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10th January 2020