Cotswolds Manor House

Cotswolds Manor House

In 2003-2005 the house was completely renovated to a high standard by a most exacting American couple.

We wired the house for Data, Music and TV precisely to the clients particular brief. In 2008 new clients moved in and contacted Chris Adair to adapt the system for their family life.

Since then Adair Acoustic has looked after their needs using the structured cabling in place to update the system to keep pace with advancing technology. We have just completed a Data upgrade to provide full gigabit bandwidth now they have a fibre to the premises connection. Having a strong signal in every room throughout this large property is quite a challenge when you consider the thickness of the old stone walls.

The previous upgrade was to provide a dedicated Hi-Fi primarily for Vinyl playback in the living room. Hi-Fi in the true High-Fidelity meaning of the word.

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10th January 2020