Tom Hall

Tom Hall

“The new system sounds incredible and I am particularly surprised how good the CD sounds.”

Adair Acoustic were called in by the client to help with some upgrades to the hifi upgrading to a new SME20 record player with new Kuetsu cartridge. Adair Acoustic recommended upgrade to the power side of the system, and so installed a new power conditioner and new cables for power, as well as upgrading all the interconnect cables.

The improvement in sound was stunning.

The house has the modern technology you’d expect, but all had been provided by separate vendors – Wifi and internet by one company, Lutron Lighting by another, Linn Multiroom by another, and the high end stereo by yet another.

Due to the high quality of skills at Adair Acoustic they now maintain all these aspects together, simplifying the clients life and improving the reliability of the systems.

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10th January 2020